Artist: Bloodshot
Hometown: Dundee
Genre: Groove Metal
Lee Annandale – Vocals/Guitar
Chris McNiven – Guitar
Stewart Grassie – Bass
Paul Sturrock – Drums

Track Listing:
1. Borrowed Time
2. We Will Burn
3. Save This Day
4. Roll Over
5. Voodoo Man
6. Greed
Dominant Track: Voodoo Man
Released: 2015

Bloodshot seem to have flew under my music radar during the last few years, playing mainly east-coast venues (or maybe I just need to get out to more venues), this is something I hope to change because, based on this EP alone, they’re a damn good band! The entire EP would be perfect for ‘baddie scenes’ in an action movie, the tempo rarely drops and even the backing vocals are as aggressive as the music

Taking influence from a wide variety of artists, from the hair swingin’ riff-maestro’s Thin Lizzy to much heavier ear-bleeders, including Clutch and Black Label Society, their début EP, ‘Yellow‘, is sure to win over music fans on both ends of the spectrum. In many ways, this EP also has a strong Black Stone Cherry vibe about it – raw and chunky yet still smooth enough to swallow.

Borrowed Time kicks things off with an atmospheric guitar intro, before an onslaught of riffs and beats rock your ear-holes. Y’know those scenes in movies, where you see erratic clips of a deranged being flailing about like a lunatic, normally with blinding flashes of light behind them? That’s pretty much this track in a nutshell (no pun intended 😉 ). Extremely grungy riffs, dirty vocals, thundering beats from start to finish and an out-of-control tempo. What’s not to like?

Like a rebel without a cause, We Will Burn is a wild inferno of chaos and carnage. In keeping with the movie theme, it paints the picture of an entire city being destroyed in a fiery blaze. Grab your cape and prepare to be swept up in a sound-wave of red hot riffs, blazing beats and vehement vocals.

Save This Day, chosen one, don’t drop your guard or this track will rock your ear-holes clean off your head! The lyrics are more geared towards politics than an action movie – a trend which more and more underground bands are following, almost a “fight the power with music” sort of thing – but the music is just as deadly as the rest of this EP, as are the vocals. Look out for the epic guitar solo around the 2:57 mark.

Lots of guitar action with Roll Over. The vocals are also more melodic than on the previous tracks, making this one smooth offering. So don’t lay your head in your hands, get rockin’ out to some sweet riffs, gritty rhythm and big beats. ‘Nuff said.

Voodoo Man may well be the most complete track on the EP, with highs and lows in all the right places. Best way to listen to this one is with your eyes closed, you can feel the powerful intro go right through you, the vocals are so eerie you’ll almost see a witch doctor in a remote, tribal village, placing the voodoo curse while surrounded by spirits.

A great end to a great EP with Greed and, another one for the air-guitarists among you with loads of roarin’ riffs. The vocals, while awesome, are almost irrelevant because this is most definitely a head-bangers track. Who needs words when you can swing that hair around like a maniac? So get that invisible guitar tuned, hit play and just rock the hell out!

Ready to check it out for yourself? Hit your link of choice below to stream it. If you really like it, you can even download the whole EP for FREE. Make sure you hook up with them on Facebook too, for gig updates and such.

Bloodshot’s ‘Yellow’ on SoundCloud | Bloodshot’s ‘Yellow’ on ReverbNation

LJArtwork: ©Bloodshot (2016)

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