Artist: Iron Altar

Hometown: Edinburgh

Genre: Metal


Andrew Callis – Vocals
Daniel Drever – Guitar
Simon Anger – Bass
Lyle Brown – Drums

Track Listing:

1. Nothing
3. Rising Tide
4. Blood Rain

Dominant Track: Rising Tide

Released: 2015

“Biologically speaking the average human
requires 10–18 milligrams of iron per day.
After listening to these four blistering tracks
you will stand little chance of developing anaemia.”

JD Quenzer (Astro Radio)

Iron Altar‘s début, self-titled EP, is most definitely one for the heaviest of metal fans. Taking influence from the likes of Mastodon and Lamb Of God, it’s a well-rounded EP with a variety of sounds, effortlessly ranging from doom and stoner to the most mental of death metal, with touches a modern tech-metal influence. For a first effort, the sound is extremely refined – if I came across these tracks by accident, I’d swear I was listening to an established band. Simply put – if this EP doesn’t make your ears bleed, you’re doing it wrong.

The band features current members Edinburgh bands Sapien and King Witch, along with former members of Eve The Betrayer and Torn Face.

Nothing by name but definitely not by nature, the opening track kicks off with an extremely familiar sound, you’d swear that they were sampling the intro to Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’. This ain’t no pity-party though, as the tempo soon picks up, the guitars start wailing and the vocals tear your ear-holes apart. Possibly the most complete track on the EP, hitting both ends of the spectrum from the murkiest of doom to the most intense black metal. You’re gonna love it.

No messin’ about, Followers is wall-to-wall chaos with rampant beats and savage riffs from start to finish, accompanied by wild vocals and an overall primitive vibe that makes you feel alive. Release your inner and go absolutely nuts to this epic track.

Rising Tide is an out of control sound wave, scooping you up and hurtling you along the sonic highway where only the freest and wildest of notes dare to travel. Think Symphony X but much, much more savage. The air-guitarists among you will love this track too, when it hits the 2:12 mark. Grab a life-jacket, it’s gonna be a wild ride!

Grab your axe and let the Blood Rain. This is one mental track, once again hitting some murky lows but the highs in this one are plentiful. Did I mention they’re also mental? If your head’s still attached to your shoulders after head-bangin’ to this track, you’re one tough metal-head. Some nice air-guitar action too.

Ready for your ears to bleed? Hit the link below to stream it for free. A mere £4 is all they ask to buy it, that’s a quid a track! Make sure you also hook up with them on Facebook, for gig updates and what-not.

Iron Altar’s Début EP on BandCamp


Words: LJArtwork: ©Iron Altar (2016)

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