Genre: Punk Rock

Founded: 2012

Current Members:

Clare Lynn – Vocals/Lead Guitar
Billy J. Milne – Bass
Budgie – Drums

Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland

“Punk rock from Glasgow.
Get your everyday
value injection of
pure in your face rawk”


Practically veterans on the Glasgow live music scene, Always Waiting On Lynn (better known as AWOL) have been gigging since 2012. They’ve played in many of Glasgow’s most notorious venues, including Ivory Blacks, King Tuts and the Barrowlands, with a plethora of up-and-coming bands, including Manifold, Her/Way To Hell (AC/DC tribute) and French rockers Eyes Of Verona. All members have years of experience in other bands, both before and during AWOL’s lifespan – as a result, they all bring a wide range of influences to their music.

Despite their experience, they’re not big-headed. They’re just as at home playing a tiny pub gig as they are on the big stage. They bring loads of energy to each set they play as well as kick-ass originals, with a few epic covers thrown in for good measure.


Always Waiting On Lynn are a punk/rock band based in Glasgow.

Flash (aka Clare Lynn), the vocals and front woman of AWOL, has over ten years experience playing guitar and has featured on Sky Arts’ ‘GuitarStar’. Her influences of Van Halen, Brody Dalle, Misfits, etc, can be heard throughout AWOL’s music.





Also forming AWOL is Billy J Milne, an aspiring bass player. With such influences as David Bowie, The Cult, The Dammed, Alice Cooper, etc, Billy has a wide knowledge of punk and the punk scene in Glasgow, and regularly networks with lots of other UK based bands.





We also welcome Budgie to the band, a great addition with his commitment and dedication to drums. Very adept in photography, he does lots of video and photos for local upcoming bands.





Clare‘s vocal range is ideal for punk music – almost a badass blend of Joan Jett (and The Blackhearts) and Taylor Momsen (The Pretty Reckless) – she can reach the high notes as well as the gritty, aggressive (angry, even) tones and makes it look easy.

If I only had one word to describe Billy, it would be committed. Twice that I know of (once during a gig I ran myself), he fell off the stage, landed flat on his back and just kept playing!

Budgie, I don’t know as well as the other two but, he’s definitely a great drummer and has always been on-hand to help out AWOL in the past, before becoming a permanent member. He always brings a lot of positive energy to their gigs.

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Photos: Frame On Photography

Cover photo: Bad Joke Media