Artist: Acid Trial

Hometown: Glasgow

Genre: Metal


Del Wilson – Vocals
Andrew McGlone – Guitar
Ricky Kerr – Drums
Caitlin Shaw – Bass

Track Listing:

1. Bloodsport
2. Watch Them Fly
3. Eyes Are Green
4. Nobody Died
5. Sling
6. Fragile
7. Humpty Dumpty
8. Badoooom
9. Guano

Dominant Track: Bloodsport

Released: 2017

Unmercifully relentless.
That’ll be Acid Trial’s ‘Psychotic Episode’ then.”

This one’s a bit exciting for me, I’ve been following Acid Trial since the very start back in 2015 and I’m honoured to consider them friends. I’ve watched them pummel stages throughout my hometown and been front-and-centre head-banging, even at my own gigs with them. There’d been talk of an album for what feels like an eternity and, finally, it’s here! Do I promise to stay impartial with this one? Hell no – I’d be lying if I said otherwise – however, this album is so brutally epic, that even their strongest critic will struggle to find fault in it.

Psychotic Episode is a hailstorm of brutality, featuring some of the deadliest riffs, drum beats that could destroy a small planet and most unapologetically vicious growls you’re likely to hear this year. It’s gritty as hell, with some subtle humour on a few of the tracks plus an almost harmonic undertone – which is impressive given how unashamedly brutal this album is – there isn’t a single track that won’t get your blood racing, your head banging and the mosh-pit started. In fact, this album has inspired me to come up with a new word, thunderblitz, it really is that deadly.

No subtle introduction from this lot, they just blow you the f*ck away with Bloodsport. Big, fat, dirty riff-punches to the nards coming at you from all angles, double-teaming you with some (holy sh*t!) demonic growls and backed up by a thunderblitz of drums. If the real-life Armageddon has a soundtrack, you can bet your first born son that this is the first song you’ll hear!

Run for cover or Watch Them Fly, because the pit’s about to explode! Savagery at its finest, with wild beats that could raise the dead, satanic vocals that sound barely human plus more bass than Bryan Beller (Dethklok) could handle (probably). Not recommended for your commuting playlist, because moshing in public is a bit dangerous!

Coming at you like a battering-ram of truth is Eyes Are Green, with spit-take lines like, “but how do you know, when your dad was a f*cking d*ck” that’ll make you lose your sh*t in more ways than one. The tempo’s a bit slower than the other tracks, almost ballad-like, with only a couple of brief ‘all hell breaks loose’ moments. That’s not what this one’s about though, it’s telling a story – and a manic one at that.

Possibly the smoothest track of the entire album, it’s practically a ballad – it’s cool though, because Nobody Died! It’s the sort of groovy, melodic yet ball-breakingly brutal music you’d expect to hear, when you spot an approaching army of demons, walking towards you in slow motion, with clear evil intent. Ironic, yeah?

Don’t piss in someone’s coffee, or you might end up in a Sling. A dangerous combination of steady beats, controlled riffs but lethal vocals makes this one badass mother of a track! Simply put, user-friendly moshing with a bit of a wild side.

A vicious beat-down on the drums would leave any kit battered, bruised and a little bit Fragile. If you’ve not twigged yet, this is one heavy assault of a track, like an avalanche of lead skidding down Mount Everest, with some crazy daredevil trying to ‘ride the wave’, making it also a little bit groovy.

Ever wondered what went through Humpty Dumpty‘s head, as he free-fell to the ground, like the worlds worst grenade taking on a savage mess of wild, stampeding horses and angry blokes with swords and spears, all viciously growling and snarling at him, before shattering his shell to bits and scrambling his brain? Probably this.

Badoooom! Expect a demonic invasion of heavyweights, thunderblitzing towards you with a crazy look in their eyes, like they wanna play keepie-ups with your kidneys, or something. The name really does say it all.

More of an event than a f*cking tune, Guano brings this incredible album to an earth-shattering halt. I think I’ve ran out of adjectives to describe it with, so I’ll just say this, it’s deadlier than a goblin with a black-belt in martial arts and a backpack full of C4.

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