Artist: Initium:Quietus

Hometown: Glasgow/Falkirk

Genre: Metalcore/Djent


Jason Holmes – Vocals
Jamie Deadweight – Lead guitar
James Steward – Rhythm Guitar
John Charles Murray – Drums

Track Listing:

1. Initium
2. Last Dying Breath
3. New Chapter
4. The Divide
5. Miscreated Genocide
6. Quietus

Dominant Track: Last Dying Breath

Released: 2016

“Hauntingly sinister.
Initium:Quietus’ ‘Deadweight’
is a masterpiece of,
ferocious, barbaric, savagery.”

Initium:Quietus‘ ‘Deadweight‘, is the sort of EP you’re better listening to through a media player, that can instantly play the next track without any gaps. Let’s face it, nobody likes gaps. In any case, this is one, astoundingly brutal EP. Imagine taking the music of Dethklok, thumping it together with Joseph Duplantier’s (Gojira) savage growls and blending them on high-speed with the atmospheric synths of Ghost – you’re probably halfway there.

Like the calm before the storm, Initium starts off slow, with an intriguingly eerie intro, almost teasing you to listen closely, before sucker-punching you in the ear-holes with only a taste of this EP’s true brutality. Are those some haunting vocals, or just the voices in your head? Only you can answer that one.

Wasting no time, Last Dying Breath will blow you away, with its manic energy and vocals that can only be described as, a spitfire of crazy. You’d better be packing a flame-thrower and some severed limbs, because there’s a monster in this song that’s just dying to come out!

Like a thunder-dome on overdrive, New Chapter is a monstrous horde of energy, bouncing off the walls and coming back at you twice as hard! The drum beats are out of con-f*cking-trol, the riffs are frantic like Jim Carey on speed and the vocals are as savage as a werewolf with rabies.

The Divide is an earth-shattering, boulder-incinerating audio assault that will melt your mind, as well as your ears. Powerful enough to raise the dead, this will annihilate your eardrums with vicious growls, a destructive rhythm and haunting synths.

Miscreated Genocide is what you’d expect to hear, just as a bloodthirsty, ‘all hell breaks loose’, battle kicks off in a movie – you can just picture the initial assault in slow-motion, then frequently kicking in and out of overdrive, with swords flailing, bodies dropping and non-stop pandemonium until there’s nobody left alive.

Bringing the EP to a thunderous end, Quietus is anything but quiet – it’s a thunderblitz of devastation, kind of like what Charles Manson must hear in his own head. Brutal, heavy growls with a cataclysm of bass and a calamity of drums.

Ready to hear the savagery for yourself? Head over to their BandCamp page (below) to stream it, or even download all 6 tracks for free! Make sure you watch their Facebook page for more music and gig news.

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