IfYouHaveToLeaveCover 1.jpg
Artist: Skellums
Genres: Indie, Pop, Rock
Based: Wales, UK & Liverpool, England 
Release: If You Have To Leave single (September 15, 2017)
Formats: Download, Physical CD
Label: Rent & Debt records
Rating: 10/10
Hear it: BandCamp

Skellums are an indie pop trio from the English-Welsh boarder between North Wales and Liverpool. Since forming in 2015 the band has gone from strength to strength bringing their bright, sparkly dancebale tunes to the masses. 

Having sold out all physical copies of their previous two singles ‘Art of Dying Young‘ and ‘Clarion Call’, the band have followed up with new single ‘If You Have To Leave‘. It’s clear by this point that Skellums are a band who know how to craft radio friendly indie pop songs. Yet their songs are not basic cut and paste hooks with run of the mill lyrics. This is a band who has fun with songwriting because they know the rules and how to break them. 

‘If You Have To Leave’ is a track that will shake the plaster off smaller rock establishments but could hold its over a festival PA system. Skellums well carved sound is all their own with nods to the Brit pop greats of Oasis, The LA’s and Blur. Skellums clearly know where they’re headed and are making all the right moves to get there.

‘If You Have To Leave’ is out September 15 via Rent & Debt records. Pre-Order a digital or physical CD copy from Skellum’s BandCamp page


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