Artist: WIFE
Genres: Punk, Rock, Alternative
Based: Liverpool, England, UK
Release: Cake Ahead EP (September 6, 2017)
Tracks: Fifty 6-S | Arabian Veneers | Heck | Old 
Formats: Download, Limited Edition CD, Limited Edition Cassette
Label: Society of Losers
Rating: 6/10
Hear it: Spotify I Apple Music Google Play I BandCamp

Regular readers of Epic Earworm may already be familiar with WIFE from their debut single ‘Marilyn’. As someone said in Poltergeist II they’re baaack…Lets take a listen to their debut EP ‘Cake Ahead‘. 

We kick off with ‘Fifty 6-S’, a dirty rhythm laden, hard hitting opener with aggressive drums, crunching guitar and wailing, screeching vocals. Melodic grunge-esq verses off set the heavy punk, metal vibes chorus. This creates a nice juxtaposition but this band is Marmite, you will either dig it or detest it. Either way you won’t be on the fence about them. Having a band who can divide opinion is always better than a band you can’t be bothered to form an opinion on.

Despite their roots in punk, ‘Arabian Veneers’ is somewhat reminisce of early King of Leon (Ah Ha Shakeheart Break era). If you judged WIFE solely on their standalone single release Marilyn, you were wrong. This band has depth and lack of fear for music experimentation, so many bands across the rock genre spectrum try to avoid. ‘Arabian Veneer  is arguably the stand out track on this record, hopefully we might see it released as a future single. 

‘I am a horse on a window pane…’ This is a band who are inventive with lyrics in the vein of Anthony Kedis and Kurt Cobain. The track to crank up and piss your neighbours off with is definitely ‘Heck’ with its screaming vocals, rumbling bass and wall of noise.  ‘Kill all the Tories, burn down their houses, then we can all start again’. In these politically charged time in a still divided Brexit Britain, this is a band who aren’t afraid to use their platform to showcase their political edge. Fans of early Nirvana in the ‘Bleach’ era will dig this band.

We mellow out at the start of the aptly titled closer ‘Old’, offset with dark lyrics.This is the other stand out track on this release, yet feels as if it would have packed more of a punch had it not overstayed its welcome at nearly seven minutes long. This was record a more hit than miss for a debut, though I can’t help but feel adding debut single Marilyn to the release would have earned it more kudos.

In an era where guitar music is lacking on radio and as well as overall guitar sales being down, WIFE are saving their generation from the drudgery of electronic splices and repetitive note loops with perfect auto-tuned phrase drops. Their sound is for those who missed out (or still miss) the 80s and 90s bands of the grunge era and punk revival from which the likes of Nirvana, Rancid and MudHoney grew.

WIFE’s debut EP ‘Cake Ahead’ is out September 6 via Society of Losers, available for download and streaming: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play & BandCamp.

Take a listen to début single ‘Marilyn‘: 


To celebrate the release of their EP, WIFE have announced a launch gig in Liverpool on September 9 hosted by their label Society of Losers. The band will be supported by label mates Salt the Snail and Forever In DebtFor tickets & more information check out the official events page

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Helen Weston