Artist: Istanbul Hippodrome
Genres: EDM, Guitar, Orchestral 
Based: London, UK
Release: No Way Home EP (Self-Released / 8 September, 2017) 
Tracks: Overlord | No Way Home | Serovar Vent | Diet of Worms
Released: 8 September, 2017 
Formats: Download
Label:  Self-Released
Rating: 8/10
Hear it: iTunes

Istanbul Hippodrome are not about creating dance tracks to impress the masses, the are about the audio-scope of sound creation and manipulation. With opening track Overlord they want to take you on an instrumental sonic journey. They are doing something different and on their own terms.  If you’re into film scores (Alan Silvestri’s Predator score or David Lynch films) or TV scores (Stranger Things or American Horror Story) you’ll be into this band. An introduction to the bizarre and dark world of Istanbul Hippodrome.

No Way Home, the title track of this debut EP, is a twist in the instrumental tale, keeping the dark edge vibes but reminiscent of the experiment nu-metal sounds of the early millennium. This has an instrumental vibe of Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park. Cinematic is what this band goes for and this could be the kind of track you’d expect to hear on a stalking scene in the James Bond franchise. With pulsing snyths and a deep bass with drum loop foundations. this track has quite commercial appeal. This is definitely the stand out track on this release, stream it below.


We pick up the pace and get deep into the bass on Serovar Vent. This feels like one of those scenes on TV where someone’s tripping or falling into a hypnotic state and time tends to pass without much notice as you’re totally in the zone, immersed in the world of Istanbul Hippodrome. 

 The EP comes to a close with Diet of Worms, which seems to set itself apart from the other track on this record. Noticeable for the vocal samples of Barbara Windsor and Vincent Price spliced into this shimmery, relaxing steady beat of a track. This is a favourite next to No Way Home. This has an 80’s vibe akin to Metallica’s ‘One’ or even the thematics of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. This band knows their stuff. The vocals nicely round off the cinematic experience, bringing the record full circle. I’m excited to hear what Istanbul Hippodrome come up with next, clearly weave only scratched the surface of their dark cinematic landscape. 

Istanbul Hippdrome’s debut EP ‘No Way Home‘  is available for download September 8 on iTunes

All tracks written by Mahon/Evans

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Helen Weston