Artist: Traveller
Genres: Rock, Alternative, Americana
Based: Glasgow, Scotland
Release: Been Waiting (Single/September 22)
Formats: Download 
Label: Self-Released
Rating: 7/10
Hear it: Spotify & iTunes

Traveller have had a great year, touring across the country and gaining fans across venues and international radio. Their previous single ‘All This Time‘, the title track of their début EP, has received airplay in over 68 countries. Now the Glasgow based 4-piece are back with new single ‘Been Waiting‘, a brand of radio friend alt. rock with an Americana vibe.

From the opening riffs   effect laden guitars  of Martin Yves and the smooth straight up soft rock vocals of Gerry Sheridan you know this is a nice slice of guitar heavy rock. The steady and dancable beat is held down by bassist Brian Socha  an drummer Simon Usher.

The chorus gives this track a slight country twang, the overall sound is very nineties early rock with guitar and drum rhythm elements akin to hey-day R.E.M. It’s easy to hear why this is such an upbeat, easy on the ears radio friendly track. 

This is a track you could put on repeat and not tire of it. Though it does feel as if Traveller’s still trying to break out of the radio rock cookie cutter to find their own niche. The way Nickelback (love or loathe them) found their own sound which set them apart and has filled stadiums since the early 2000’s (and you wouldn’t believe they began as a metal band). But Travellers sound is still very accessible and enjoyable music.

Traveller have kept up their safe brand of Americana influenced rock and continue to work hard building their brand following the release of their debut EP. With this single as a follow up, ‘Been Waiting’ is sure to win Traveller more fans at live shows and across the airwaves.

Traveller’s new single ‘Been Waiting‘ is released September 22 on Spotify and iTunes

Take a listen to ‘All This Time‘ below, which is one of our Must Stream tracks.

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Helen Weston