Artist: Satiracy

Hometown: Glasgow

Genre: Melodic speed thrash


Louis Chesters – Vocals/Guitar
Tamara Jordan – Guitar
Oskar Mazurek – Drums
Callum Morgans – Bass

Track Listing:

01. Unearth
02. Hellbound
03. Son of a Veteran
04. From Above
05. Ruins
06. Penance
07. Skin Alive
08. The Sacrificial Remains
09. Lost City
10. The Dust Settles Once Again

Dominant Track: Son of a Veteran

Released: 2017

“With its immense power
and destructive energy,
Satiracy’s ‘The Chapters of Pestilence: Lost City’
should be registered as a lethal weapon.”

Satiracy‘s passion for their music is overshadowed only by the sheer ferocity of their music itself – I’ve known these guys personally for some time, been to many gigs as well as ran a few, I’ve seen first hand just how much they love what they do. This comes through tenfold on their début album, ‘The Chapters of Pestilence: Lost City‘, which is, in a word, lethal. Imagine if Lamb Of God, Devildriver, Slayer and Trivium (circa-2004) all formed a weird but somehow it works supergroup – it’s twice as ferocious as that, easily!

After a polite intro, Unearth unleashes a vortex of brutality with a frantic assault of riffs, planet-destroying beats and eerily sinister vocals – it’ll suck you in, turn you inside out then spit you back out again, leaving you wanting more of the same.

Hellbound comes flyin’ at ya like a rabid pack of bloodthirsty hellhounds, aiming straight for that fresh cut from your latest mosh-pit. With a merciless combo of savage vocals, high-energy riffs and a rhythm so powerful, it creates its own portal to hell. True story.

With a haunting melody, vicious riffs and an unstoppable tempo, Son of a Veteran comes at you like, well, a son of a veteran! There’s a fantastically funky rhythm to this one, which stays true right to the end, giving it an extra element that’ll keep your head bopping even if head-bangin’ isn’t your thing.

From Above is an apocalyptically ferocious, non-stop pelting of brutality, raining down on you like an avalanche of exploding bricks. At one point, there’s a precise, almost delicate section that quickly gets steamrollered by the aftershock of what is truly, one mother of a heavyweight.

Practically a ballad compared to the rest of the album, Ruins has an almost gospel-melody and a slightly more mellow rhythm than previous tracks. It still has enough wild riffs and barbaric beats to satisfy most metal-heads, with no loss of energy once it kicks into high-gear.

Penance is the audio equivalent of being attacked by a grizzly bear; vicious, devastating and after the initial “holy sh*t, it sees me!” moment, you’ve no idea where the next hit is coming from. Its energy is destructive, its power is immense and if you play it backwards, it’ll unlock the code to the matrix (probably).

Like a groovy supernova of annihilation, Skin Alive will vaporise your senses, melt your eardrums and obliterate your boredom. I challenge you to listen to this song and not have an uncontrollable urge to head-bang, thanks to its thunderous beats, ravaging riffs and insane energy. ‘Nuff said.

The Sacrificial Remains is all that’ll be left of anyone, who dares pit to this one. A monstrous thunderblitz of energy, an unstoppable onslaught of beats and a catchy rhythm, make this one deadly mother of a track!

No words necessary here, because Lost City is 100% instrumental and 1000% intoxicating! Expect to be overcome with the desire to jump around the room with your hair swinging (or just your head), with your blood pumping at 3 times its normal rate.

The Dust Settles Once Again closes the album, with an extremely relaxed, chilled out sound, a complete contrast to the rest of the album. It’s almost as if it’s saying, “right, we’ve survived the apocalypse, let’s just grab a beer and take a moment to soak it all in”.

Ready for your ears to bleed? Head over to their online store to grab your CD, complete with exclusive artwork and lyrics to each track – alternatively, you can grab the digital download from iTunes. Stay in the loop of what they’re up to via their Facebook page.

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