In a day and age when bands do as they are told and release pre-packaged music with all fluff and no substance, an act like Project Number 1 is absolutely refreshing.  The group’s music is inspired by a plethora of British musical icons including The Smiths, Oasis, The Stone Roses and The Beatles, while having a distinctly individual style.

With an equal focus on energy and melody, Project Number 1 set out to create a compelling blend of indie rock that feels classy, yet instinctual and driven. In addition to the band’s sonic recipe, the group strongly focuses on quality lyrical content: their songs deal with thought-provoking themes, tackling subjects as diverse as religion, politics and culture, making for a transcendental listening experience.

 Armed with a songbook of incredibly infectious tunes and with a winning attitude, Project Number 1 might just be on the way to become your next favorite band.

Project Number 1’s new album ‘Generation X’ is available now on Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.


Watch Project Number 1 perform ‘All I’ve Ever Wanted‘ taken from their debut album ‘Generation X’.


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Helen Weston