Artist: The Vex
Genres: Alternative, Punk, Rock.
Release: Education Kills
Type: Single
Tracks: Education Kills
Released: July 19, 2017
Formats: Download, Limited Edition 12″ vinyl. 
Label: Self-Released
Year: 2017  
Rating: 4/5
For Fans of: The Clash, The Jam, The Sex Pistols. 

If you thought that political punk died with the 70’s riotous music of The Clash, The Jam and er, The Sex Pistols, fear not, The Vex are the 21st century answer to British punk rock. Their new hard hitting single is a tribute to education campaigner and assassination survivor Malala Yousafzai.Education Kills’ is about Malala’s near fatal incident of being targeted by terrorist extremists for her outspokenness about  education equality. Her campaign began in Pakistan for equal access to education for both girls and boys. She continues to campaign today on a worldwide scale for which she has become internationally recognised. 

As a track ‘Education Kills’ is a slice of political punk and alternative rock, with the dramatic and emotion laden vocals of guitarist and lead vocalist Josh Schwegier back up by guitarist and backing vocalist Jack O’Shea. As with all good punk rock bands, The Vex foundation is solidly laid with the rhythm section of bassist Andrew Atari and drummer Joshua De Facto

The bands lyrics are straight forward and they don’t hold back, with the hook line being ‘They shot her in the head‘ repeated over and over. Akin to the controversial hit track ‘Jeremy’ by Pearl Jam, ‘Education Kills’ is a powerful anthem with a strong emotional subject matter. ‘Girls have rights’ and this song showcases how Malala is the epitome of ‘Girl Power’ for her generation and future generations to come. The song also showcases how The Vex could lead a new front in political rock music for their generation too. 

‘Education Kills’ is taken from the self-titled EP ‘The Vex‘ available now via BandCamp

You can check out the official video for Education Kills here

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Helen Weston