Project Number 1 have been on our radar a lot this past summer, having been featured in our introducing, must stream and video pages. The band consists of 4 lads from Warrington: Adam Paget (Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar), Phil Gallagher (Lead Guitar), David Seed (Bass Guitar) and Ant Whelan (Drums). 

2017 saw the band release their debut album ‘Generation X‘, a solid record of 13 indie rock tracks with a grunge vibe. The tracks are about the trials and rewards of life, love and growing up. Epic Earworm’s Helen Weston caught up with lead vocalist and guitarist Adam Paget to find out more. 

Epic Earworm: What were your early music influences?

Adam Paget (Lead Vocals/Guitar): We’ve all got different tastes but for sure some influences that we all share:  The Beatles, The Stone Roses and The Smiths definitely played a part, we all listened to a lot of Oasis…The Pixies too.  The La’s are so underrated!

Epic Earworm: Describe the process behind how a Project Number 1 song begins life?

Adam Paget (Lead Vocals/Guitar): Usually one band member’s idea, either acoustic or a basic electronic version and then the rest of the band get their head around it and we jam it, we’ll then start to add more complex bits.  We’re quite stripped back generally so writing feels very natural – we try to sound the same on the album as we do live so the process is easy.

Epic Earworm: What song means the most to you on ‘Generation X’?

That’s so hard because the songs are written by different members of the band, at different times. They all mean a lot.  I’d say ‘My Time’ as we all had a part to play in writing it and it symbolises where we feel we are at that moment.

Epic Earworm: What’s your proudest achievement of 2017 so far?

Adam Paget (Lead Vocals/Guitar): Finishing and releasing the album – finally. It’s taken a while as we wanted to self-fund and self-publish. If anyone wants to throw a load of money at us now they are welcome to. It was a great process but it takes a long time doing it yourself.

Epic Earworm: What can fans expect from a live show?

Adam Paget (Lead Vocals/Guitar): Solid, melodic indie rock that sounds like it does on the album. I don’t think we’ve ever done a poor gig and we’re proud of the standards we set. You won’t see me going bananas, I’m wearing a guitar so that limits the shenanigans.  Our fans always come out of a gig saying they’ve enjoyed it, they’re usually drunk which helps.

Epic Earworm: What’s coming up next for Project Number 1?

Adam Paget (Lead Vocals/Guitar): Starting with a couple of gigs in November, Night and Day in Manchester and The Zanzibar in Liverpool, after that taking over the world..

Project Number 1’s new album ‘Generation X’ is available now on Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

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Helen Weston