In the 12 months since Cuecliché former in 2016 the band’s set about gigging across the UK building a steady fanbase. Released their debut EP ‘One Last Chance’ and in doing so made them a much buzzed band in the realm of pop punk.

The band dropped their debut music video ‘One Last Chance’ earlier this week which you can scroll down to view. Epic Earworm’s Helen Weston caught up with the band to discuss their humble beginnings, early success and the touring life. 

Helen Weston: Hi Cuecliché, how’s it going? Please introduce yourselves and tell us what you play. 

Cuecliché: Hi Helen! It’s going very well, here we have Jake on Vocals and Guitar, Terry on Bass and Vocals and the man who spends his time looking at our backsides, Keith on Drums

Helen Weston: How did the band come together?

Cuecliché: Matching on Grinder… Not really, that’s a line we used to use on stage when we first started playing I feel like now is the right time to confess there’s no truth in that. Terry and Jake met through Gumtree and started writing songs, things moved really quickly and we realised a drummer would be needed so we could start playing live so Terry went Facebook stalking London drummers and found Keith.

Helen Weston: Who were your early music influences?

Cuecliché: Definitely Blink 182 they were the main band that brought us together but there’s quite a broad reach, a lot of the pop punk bands that were big in the 2000’s [like] Sum 41Simple Plan [and] Jimmy Eat World. A couple of songs on the debut EP have vocal harmonies which were very inspired by Taking Back Sunday, which is probably the only band from that time that nobody has compared us to yet. Jake also has a lot of heavier influences that sneak into the EP if you listen carefully you can pick up a number of pick squeals and there’s even more live. Our new EP is going to feature an insane tapping solo (spoiler alert).


Helen Weston: It’s been a whirlwind year since you formed in 2016. What have been some of the highlights for you guys?

Cuecliché: Yeah it really has, when we first started playing together it was just three guys ending their twenties, reliving their youth in a practice room. Gigging wasn’t on the horizon but we released a demo on Youtube that was well received and things just grew so fast. Now we’ve done about twenty gigs, two small tours, a music video and we’ve got an EP out there, which miraculously most songs on it have been listened to over 1000 times on Spotify.

Helen Weston: Your debut EP One Last Chance has been very well received by fans and critics alike. What does it mean for you guys to get such buzz about your band this early?

Cuecliché: It’s all very surreal, it’s only baby steps but there’s a lot more baby steps than we imagined there would be and we’re just really grateful for that. Hopefully it continues and grows. We put a lot into ‘One Last Chance’ so the fact people are listening and liking really means more to us than we could say


Helen Weston: Are there any stories behind the tracks on this record?

Cuecliché: There’s stories behind all of them. We went to quite a deep place considering its a five track debut from three guys who at the time didn’t know each other that well. The title track ‘One Last Chance’ was actually written in its entirety the second time Terry and Jake met. Jake already had the music all done and he turned up at Terry’s old studio apartment with an acoustic and after an hour the song was finished. The song 10th of July takes its name from the date of Jake and Terry’s very first meeting in person, in a London bar, public place, stranger danger!



Helen Weston: Do you have a favourite EP track to play live?

Keith (Drums): Crazy Little Princess. It’s really full of energy and that always transfers to the audience and gets them dancing. There’s also a really cool breaks between verse and chorus where the drums break the silence with a really powerful return that grabs the audiences attention.

Jake (Vocals/Guitar): One Last Chance. It’s so fun to play, there’s plenty of pinch harmonics and a massive chorus that hopefully one day we’ll have people singing along with. It’s also a nice reminder of how far we’ve come from Terry’s old studio flat with an acoustic guitar to closing off our shows with the song that started it all.

Terry (Bass/Vocals): A Lost Boys Anthem. I could easily have said either of the above for similar reasons but to change it up I’ll chose Lost Boys, it’s a very, very personal song to me. I remember I sent my Mum the demo’s of all the tracks from the EP and told her we’d all shared writing duties, but my Mum called me up after hearing Lost Boys and said “Son, that song is just word for word you.” And she was right, there’s a lot of my insecurities in that song, insecurities that being a part of this band has really helped me get over. So every time we play it I have this extremely grateful feeling.

Helen Weston: What’s do you hope to achieve as a band in the next 12 months?  

Cuecliché: It’s a difficult one to answer on a large scale but some small goals we have are: To have our follow up EP released, along with another video, start playing larger venues in London and playing cities we haven’t been to yet, Terry is half Danish so a big goal of ours is to get over to Denmark to play and it would be really cool to get over to Keith’s hometown Cork in Ireland too.

Cuecliché’s debut EP ‘One Last Chance‘ is available now on iTunes & Spotify.







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