Wife are a three piece from Liverpool who’s sound is difficult describe and is a melting pot of punk, rock, grunge, fuzz and their self-described brand of ‘filth’. They’ve been hard at work having released debut single ‘Marilyn’, their new EP ‘Cake Ahead‘ and playing numerous gigs after being signed to Society of Losers records. 

Wife (often stylised as WIFE) consists of: Jake Davies (Vocals), Lewis Hunt-Jones (Guitar) and Ryan McEgan (Drums). Readers will have seen the band appear in the likes of our Must Stream and Videos, as well as reviews. Find out more about the band in their Introducing feature. Epic Earworm’s Helen Weston caught up with the band to talk about the release of ‘Marilyn’, recording their debut EP and band’s they’d like to share the stage with. 

Epic Earworm: How was WIFE formed?   

WIFE: When we first started playing we were just messing around playing covers but after changing the lineup a couple of times we just moved away from that and wanted to create something unique to us

 Epic Earworm: How would you describe your sound?

WIFE: It’s just how we feel really, we’ve never tried to go for a sound. It gets called grunge a lot but we call it filth in a self-deprecating kind of way to avoid a tag.


Epic Earworm: How did you come up with your band name?

WIFE: It’s a difficult one to answer really, before we were ‘Wife’ we were ‘The Wet Magicians‘ then ‘Custard Time’, but we couldn’t back up that kind of title. Wife was provocative but mild enough to not disappoint anyone.

Epic Earworm: What are your greatest musical influences?

WIFE: None of us really listen to the kind of stuff we write to be honest, we love 2pac, Sabbath, Nick Cave and a lot of industrial stuff too.


Epic Earworm: Tell us about the recording process for your debut EP?

WIFE: We recorded ‘Cake Ahead’ in Drop The Dumbulls Gallery with Jacobia Stig over two days in the cellar, at this point we only had 10 songs so we recorded them all to see what would work.

Epic Earworm: Was it a conscious decision to make ‘Marilyn’ a stand alone track, not included on your debut EP?

WIFE: ‘Marilyn’, to us, just didn’t work on the EP and we wanted people to hear Cake Ahead front to back for the first time, never hearing any of the tracks before. It just made sense to us to use Marilyn as a tickle before the full scratch.


Epic Earworm: What can fans expect from your EP launch night September 9?

WIFE: Expect three smartly dressed young gents to flex their tiny muscles, while producing gallons of sweat.

Epic Earworm: Which bands would you like to share a stage with

WIFE: There’s a few smaller bands in the UK who we’re really into like Girl Band, Bad Breeding and Fat White Family who we’d love to be on a bill with but we enjoy any gig with people [who] are doing their own thing.

Epic Earworm: What’s next for WIFE? 

WIFE: We’re working on some new tunes at the moment so we can get back into the studio when we get our grubby hands on some money. For now though we’re just enjoying the fruits of our labour and trying to get gigs further afield. 

To celebrate the release of their EP, WIFE have announced a launch gig in Liverpool on September 9 hosted by their label Society of Losers. The band will be supported by label mates Salt the Snail and Forever In DebtFor tickets & more information check out the official events page

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