Artist: Salt The Snail 
Genres: Punk, Rock, Alternative
Based: Widnes, England, UK 
Release: Coffee single (March 31, 2017)
Formats: Download
Label: Society of Losers (2017) 
Rating: 3/5
Hear it: BandCamp SoundCloud

Salt The Snail aptly describe their genre as ‘fun’, which their  track ‘Coffee’ certainly is. The punk rock trio’s debut single is a minute of chaotic, rhythm centric mix of punk and alternative rock. With thrashing drums and fuzzy guitar that sounds like a train breaks failing, this is a minute of madness, fun and you can have all out one-man mosh fest to this (yeah, it happens). If this is their debut, it should be good to see what Salt the Snail come up with next.

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Helen Weston