MELLOTT, the collaboration of Brit guitarist Chas Castell and sunny all-American singer Jessica Mellott, are fresh out of the studio with new single “Shooting Stars“.

 Working with veteran producer Robert Cutarella (Sting, REM, Joss Stone), a two-time Grammy winner, the dreamy, pop-alternative track with an infectious chorus released to digital outlets worldwide in July. It is the first single from the new EP, due this Fall.

The duo has evolved beyond the rockier sounds of previous EPs, allowing Cutarella to bring forth a more rich production, as well as challenge their songwriting skills. “Bob is a pro and knows how to craft hit singles,” says Chas. “He helped us take our love of big hooks, added a more modern and subtle soundscape, and made them more punchy and even bigger!” Jessica Mellott is a song bird of the highest quality, with a voice reminiscent of Pink, Sia and Kelly Clarkson. “Shooting Stars” allows for a soaring vocal performance, tempered with Chas’ indie-style guitar riffs.

Chas Castell and Jessica Mellott were on very different musical paths before meeting, and they found an affinity not only in music creation but in their ideals. “More than anything, we want to bring joy with the music we’re making,” says Jessica. “Music has always been a great way to connect with people, and to make them feel uplifted.”  Mellott is a band that loves to connect with their community, from spending time volunteering at children’s hospitals to helping refugees.  

A shooting star is fleeting, yet Mellott shows staying power, shinier than ever, with this new release.

Mellott’s new single ‘Shooting Stars‘ is out now and available on iTunes.

Check out their previous single ‘Valentine’;


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