Artist: Dominicide

Hometown: Glasgow

Genre: Thrash


Sean Patrick Dougan – Vocals
Craig Law – Lead guitar
Christopher Blair – Rhythm guitar
Harry Butler – Bass guitar
Panagiotis Rodopoulos – Drums

Track Listing:

01. Dominicide
02. Power Corrupts The Sane
03. Once The Serpents Rise
04. Pent Up Rage
05. Monstrosity

Dominant Track: Dominicide

Released: 2017

“Dominicide’s début EP,
with its colossal power
and relentless energy,
is a force to be reckoned with.”

One of Glasgow’s most devastating up-and-coming thrash bands, Dominicide, have unleashed their new, self-titled, EP. The follow-up to 2016’s EP, ‘Power Corrupts The Sane’, is a wild ride of savage riffs, blistering beats and proper man-growls (none of this screamo nonsense that the kids are into 😉 ).

Dominicide kicks off the EP, with an almost ballad-like intro leading into the fast-paced, apocalypse-inducing beats they’ve became known for. DOMINICIIIDE!

Next up is Power Corrupts The Sane, which starts off with some epic, atmospheric riffs, setting the tone for a thunderblitz of energy. Sean’s voice shares similarities with Lemmy (Motörhead), Jesse Leach (Killswitch Engage) and Matt Heafy (Trivium), making for some powerful vocals along with their earth-shattering beats and sensational shreds.

Once The Serpents Rise comes at you like a Gatling gun operated by a psychotic madman, who’s being chased by an angry barbarian while ‘giving the finger’ to Satan! It’s obvious why this is their first official release from the EP, it’s f*cking bananas!

It’s a well-known fact that moshing is a good way of getting rid of Pent Up Rage, especially if you’re doing it to this brute of a track. It’s about as thrash as thrash can be, without losing the immense power and energy that these guys bring to every track they write.

The aptly named Monstrosity is a powerhouse of intensity and the longest track on the EP. It’s everything the previous tracks are and more, almost like a hulked-up, angrier version, with bigger balls and a bit of a violent streak.

Prepare for battle with the WAR MACHINE! The perfect end to a blistering EP, it’s do or die in this colossal ball of energy, running over you like a crash of rhinos chasing illegal poachers. It’s almost as if they’ve packed all of the most brutal elements from the other tracks into one, hellbent mother of an anthem. What more can you ask for?

Think you can handle it? Hit their BandCamp link below, where you can stream the entire EP for free, or download it for the bargain price of £3! Be sure to keep tabs on their Facebook page too, for band and gig updates.

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Reviewed by: LJ
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