Artist: Black Cat Bone

Hometown: Edinburgh

Genre: Blues/Rock n Roll


Ross Craig – Vocals / Harmonica
Luis Del Castillo – Guitar
Charlie Wild – Guitar
Jonny Voodoo – Bass / Backing Vocals
Kai Wallace – Drums

Track Listing:

1. Morning Light
2. Get Your Kicks
3. Bullet
4. Love My Baby
5. Hip Shake

Dominant Track: Hip Shake

Released: 2017

“When a band can write, perform and deliver music
that appeals to fans of both blues and hard rock,
you know they’ve hit the elusive ‘sweet spot’
that most bands simply can’t get close to.”

Cue Black Cat Bone‘s new EP, ‘Get Your Kicks Sessions’, with its almost perfect blend of blues and rock ‘n roll, with just the right amount of sleaze-rock. If you dig the roughneck riffs of AC/DC, the rugged vocals of Alice In Chains and the bluesy undertone of The Black Cat Bones (not to be confused with these guys), then you’re gonna love this EP. Expect something special from BCB in the future, because this EP is pretty damn close!

Getting the EP off to a groovy start, is Morning Light, with strong vocals and an even stronger rhythm. The scratchiness of Ross’ voice works well with the roughneck riffs, while the backing-vocals helps emphasise the crackin’ melody. The backbone of this track though, is definitely the drums, controlling the tempo almost effortlessly.

Get Your Kicks has a ‘drunk Joe Cocker’ feel to its vocals, creating a laid back, no f*cks given vibe that’s perfect for just kickin’ back, beer in hand, while the next few minutes just does its own thing.

With a very sweaty, sleazy hard-rock vibe, Bullet is a collision of music and emotion. It’s almost like they’ve taken the best parts of AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Y&T and Whitesnake, fusing them with their own bluesy style to produce a killer piece of music.

Love My Baby is the musical embodiment of rock ‘n roll, with a kick-ass swingin’ 50’s vibe and a groove that just won’t quit. This song has everything; copiously funky riffs, jitterbug beats and commanding vocals with an air of class about them.

Last but by no means least, is the infectiously funky Hip Shake. The perfect end to the EP as it seems to have a bit of everything from the previous songs, get your groove on and jive about to one of the hip-shakiest songs you’ll hear this week.

Eager to check it out yourself? Why wouldn’t you be – you’ll have to wait a bit longer though because it’s being kept under-wraps until the launch date, December 15 of this year, it’ll definitely be worth the wait though! So make sure you bookmark their BandCamp page (below) and keep an eye on updates to the band’s Facebook page.

Black Cat Bone on BandCamp