Artist: Lonely Lost Boy

Hometown: Dundee

Genre: Acoustic

Strong-point: The Melody

Released: 2017

“Lonely Lost Boy’s début single,
‘Don’t Be A Fool’,
is a bit of a doozy!”

We’ve all had (or maybe been) ‘that friend’, who falls hard and fast for a girl who is clearly stringing him along. That’s what Lonely Lost Boy‘s début track is all about; it’s a quirky, satirical piece of music, about a friend who just can’t see that he’s been made a fool of.

‘Don’t Be A Fool’ could almost be a country song, with LLB’s southern twang, the lively strum of his guitar and the candid nature of his lyrics; my favourite line being, “you don’t know where she’s been”.

The overall melody is my favourite part though, it’s infectiously upbeat and full of energy.

And before anyone comes after me with torches and pitchforks – I realise that guys can be just as bad at messing girls about but, that’s not what this song is about. 😉

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