Artist: Realms

Hometown: Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Genre: Post-Hardcore


Karl Lauder – Vocals
Jonny Ford – Lead Guitar
Matt Shore – Rhythm Guitar
Adam Roebuck – Bass
Jed Cooke – Drums

Track Listing:

1. Hung. Drawn. Quartered.
2. Wallflower
3. Painted Demons
4. Zealot

Dominant Track: Hung. Drawn. Quartered.

Released: 2017

“Realms’ ‘Echo Chamber’
is a ferocious vortex in the vein of,
Artreyu and The Bled
but with bigger balls and a meaner right hook!”

It’s gritty and raw, yet refined where it matters. It’ll rip through your ears like a chainsaw while cleaning up the wound as it goes. In essence, it’s a well-rounded EP with both soft and heavy elements, offering a bit of something for everyone, be you an air-guitar god, a chorus chanter or a head-banger.

Hung. Drawn. Quartered. announces the EP’s arrival to your ears nicely, with a burst of energy from some uplifting, electrifying riffs that are soon only matched in intensity by an onslaught of blistering beats. With a solid mix of clean vocals and growls, plus a catchy melody, it’s a bit of a belter!

This rough ‘n ready effort ain’t no Wallflower; it’s more like a gremlin, all light and fluffy by day but at night, becomes a grizzly, growly son’bitch. Slightly lighter than the previous track with scratchier growls, softer cleans but a bit of a wild streak in the melody.

Painted Demons keeps things going with a groovy intro, leading you down a dark path where the snarling, vicious growls lie in wait, backed up by a bonkers tempo and a beast of a drumbeat.

Like the ancient movement it’s named after (look it up, kids), Zealot is an aggro-fuelled horde of rebelliousness, with rampant beats, untamed riffs, savage vocals and an overall sense of sticking two fingers to outdated points of views.

Enough echoes, go check it out for yourself! Hit the Spotify or iTunes link below and keep an eye on updates to the band’s Facebook page.

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