Hometown: Ravenna (Ohio, USA)

Genre: Metal


Geoff McGraw – Vocals
Joe Sims – Lead Guitar
Damin Bennett – Lead Guitar
Denny Archer – Drums
Jim Curtis – Bass

Track Listing:

01. 10,000 Pound Hammer
02. Crawling Chaos
03. Axes of Evil
04. Flowers for the Dead
05. Mystify the Dream Hypnotic
06. Aldar Rof
07. Shallow Grave
08. Death Before Dishonor
09. Bravado
10. Knight of Pain

Dominant Track: Shallow Grave

Released: 2017

“A proper, old-school, riff-blast of awesome.
With such a varied sound throughout,
AXEMASTERS’ ‘Crawling Chaos’,
is like no other album you’ll hear this year.”

The best albums are the ones that leave you craving more and these American heavyweights haven’t half delivered! Originally formed in 1985, newly reformed in 2010, Axemaster have a wealth of musical experience behind them and this shows in their latest album. Unlike many other releases, from even the best bands, this isn’t just the same sounds structured differently in each track – there are clear differences in styles throughout the album – sharing similarities with the likes of Tool, Metallica and Stone Sour (to name but a few) – making it feel more like an epic power-metal compilation, while the parts that are similar, are so well executed that you’ll enjoy hearing more of them.

When the opening track is called 10,000 Pound Hammer, you know you’re in for something pretty immense. Featuring colossal beats, an exciting rhythm and a haunting melody, it sets the tone brilliantly for the rest of the album.

Being the title-track, you’d expect Crawling Chaos to be extra-epic and you’d be right. With a mysterious ambience, it’s almost speaking to you, oozing with emotion and spirit. The riffs are particularly epic – practically singing – while both the vocals and drumbeats are wild as hell, making this one absolute belter of a track!

With its strong party-metal vibe, Axes of Evil reminds me a lot of Clutch’s ‘The Mob Goes Wild’, you can see it being used as the soundtrack to a biker bar brawl. Lots of energy, riffs and beats comin’ at ya from all directions and those grizzly vocals make for one angry beast of an anthem.

Flowers for the Dead is more of a ballad than the previous tracks, with softer, more melodic vocals which bring to mind Bruce Dickinson’s early solo career (definitely worth checking out if you only know of him through Iron Maiden). The rhythm is crunchy and enthusiastic, while the lead riffs are rather saucy. Easily one of the most complete songs on the album.

Close your eyes and Mystify the Dream Hypnotic, with an array of plucky guitar strums evolving into zealous lead guitar riffs. Let this instrumental interlude take you away from the grim reality of waking up at 6am for work tomorrow.

Aldar Rof comes storming through your ears like the backing-track of Armageddon. The beats are deliberate and imposing, the riffs are filthy and the vocals are an outstanding battle-cry. This might just be the ‘destruction of the age’.

Another epic ballad of a track, Shallow Grave is seriously close to the perfect song. It has just about everything, ranging from soft, emotive harmonies to gritty, powerful riffs and downright dangerous vocals!

Like a bad-ass tornado, Death Before Dishonor tears through your earholes with its immersive riffs and grungy rhythm, sucking you into a whirlwind of energy, while its exuberant beats rain down on you like a torrent of debris.

With a solid rhythm and those ‘proper man growls’ coming through especially strong, Bravado is a warrior of a track, sluggin’ riffs all over the joint and kickin’ ass with its mighty beats! ‘Nuff said.

Bringing the album to a gritty end, Knight of Pain puts a strong focus on those beautifully chaotic drumbeats, while the sick rhythm, exciting riffs and downright dirty vocals pull you into a vortex of energy, leaving you hankering for more.

Ready for some old-school riffage? Hit the link below to check out some sample clips on Amazon, where you can buy the physical CD and get the digital MP3 version for free! Be sure to keep an eye on AXEMASTER’s Facebook page, for all their latest updates.

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